New 1-player story mode coming soon

I've been working on a new single player story mode for my mobile game "Chicken Fokkers" (currently only on Google Play). 

The game has so far just been a local 2 player duelling game, where you have to shoot the other player out of the sky, but I was encouraged recently to expand this into a single player game. Here's a video showing progress so far: 

This is still WIP, and I'll post again soon with more progress. 

So far what I've done: 

  • Enemy chickens that shoot
  • Enemy turrets to dodge and shoot 
  • Graphics for land, scenery and caves

What I need to do: 

  • Create more enemies. Tanks, planes etc
  • Create some actual levels! 
  • Create a level select screen 

Okay I've got quite a lot of important stuff to do, which I will crack on with :-D

Download the current 2-player game here:

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