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Your choices control the story in this zombie/survival choose your own adventure game (CYOA). It's entirely text-based - without animation or sound effects, & works offline. 

You're alone, surviving in The Wasteland, & have to make some tough decisions that affect the story, & the lives of the characters you meet. You can form relationships (good & bad) with other characters.

This is a post-apocalyptic game set in "The Wasteland", a grim place where towns are deserted, zombies roam free, people have to scavenge to survive, & you have to choose which other survivors to trust, & who to fight. 

This is a text-based game, allowing you to have conversations with characters & make decisions by choosing options. Very easy to play, just requires knowledge of English & an imagination. 

Gameplay is similar to 'Telltale's Walking Dead' story-based games, or text-based narrative games like "Magium", "Lifeline" or "80 Days" by Inkle. 

This game was created using Twine & PhoneGap Build.

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